Today is Wednesday, 20th March 2013


Parts *& Accessories

As a Premier Yamaha Dealer we supply Genuine Yamaha Parts and accessories and have most items in stock.

Keeping a comprehensive variety of performance enhancing products in stock including Akrapovic, Brembo, Ohlins and more….our after market parts supply is readily available, however not everything can be held in stock but have no fear as we have strong  relationships with our suppliers which does enable us to offer fast delivery for those hard to find items.

Funnily enough that was one of the reasons we received the Ride Magazine Rider Power Award for Best Dealer In Wales!

We also very please to be able to supply YAMALUBE, which as you are probably aware is Yamaha’s own celebrated lubricant range.


The Yamalube® Difference
At Yamaha, we believe the oil is as integral a part of the engine as any other. So critical, in fact, that we design our engines’ design and performance specification based on the oil they will use. By synchronising the development of Yamalube® with the machines it’s engineered for, we’ve delivered high-quality genuine oils recognised by many of today’s riders as the perfect match for the power of their Yamaha. We carefully select the base oil and additives best suited for purpose, then rigorously test our oils to ensure a good affinity with the Yamaha unit to bring out its fullest potential. Our dedication to the Yamalube® Product Range ensures we can give full support to the differing technical specifications and performance demands of each individual country – matching engine and oil for maximum performance every time.

The Oil of Champions
With a legendary reputation built on countless racing victories, you can trust Yamaha to deliver ‘Quality Before Anything’. And our oils are no different. Our commitment to providing the finest oil for your Yamaha has created Yamalube® – a range of oils precisely formulated to suit the unique conditions facing your engine, from the very same team who engineered it. Extensively tested and proven in the lab and the field, Yamalube® performance oils safeguard your engine while keeping it performing to its peak. Truly the oil of champions, it’s the only choice for your Yamaha. Why trust your engine to anything less?.


 Helmets & clothing

We also offer a wide range of  helmets, clothing, boots and other bits and bobs that you may need.  Why not come down for a little look around, we even have a whole section of gear for women.  If you cant make it down then have a look at our online store.

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